PB Communications online store locator & mobile store locator for enterprise brick-and-mortar businesses are crushing-it with incremental organic and local traffic from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Mobile devices.

Our industry-leading SaaS CMS will seamlessly integrate or replace your current underperforming locator on the Web and Mobile Web without interrupting your IT Department. Automated SEO, Maps and Internet Yellow Pages management allow marketers to streamline time-consuming tasks and capture new traffic.

Our SaaS platform utilizes the following 5 modules to maximize results:

  • Automated Online Store (Branch, Dealer or Directory) Landing Page Management
  • Automated Mobile Store Landing Page Management
  • Automated SEO for Web and Mobile Web
  • Automated Map Optimization (Local Search Optimization)
  • Automated Internet Yellow Pages Listing Management (Data Aggregator Optimization)

Watch these two short 3-minute videos to learn more:

#1 Displays the basics of what our Store Locator platform provides.

The Opportunity Recognition Process

# 2 Displays the opportunity recognition process.

SCHEDULE A DEMO NOW! Receive a customized demonstration of our SaaS platform and $10,000 of Local market research on your Store Locator, with the size and amount of organic, local and mobile traffic opportunity available to you – Fee!